​Adrian Johnstone Taxidermist

Adrian Johnstone Taxidermist

Our portfolio is varied and extensive, supplying taxidermy to private clients, businesses,

museums, schools, artists, and the entertainment industry.

Mobile: 07745 399515

​Email: adrianjohnstone@btinternet.com

​Sooty Headed Bulbul Skeleton  (log no:396fb)

​Mobile: 07745 399515     Email: adrianjohnstone@btinternet.com

For sale: £35.00  plus UK delivery.

​For sale: £35.00  plus European delivery.

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Adrian Johnstone, professional Taxidermist since 1981. Supplier to private collectors, schools, museums, businesses, and the entertainment world. Taxidermy is highly collectable. A taxidermy skeleton of a Sooty Headed Bulbul, in excellent condition.