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Zero In Clothes Moth Killer

Spray on your taxidermy. The spray is long-lasting and will last for up to 12 months. 

300 ml Aerosol.

Transparent, Surface Treatment Spray, Kills Clothing Moths and Larvae. 

​Price £6.00 (free postage)

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Adrian Johnstone Taxidermist

Freeze Dried Taxidermy Aftercare

Freeze dried taxidermy requires some simple aftercare techniques to make your taxidermy last for years to come.​

Below are some items that we recommend you use to prevent moths from being attracted to you taxidermy. 

Moth Repellent Natural Cedar Wood

​​Cedar wood balls or cubes are a perfect way to prevent any of your taxidermy being eaten or damaged by moths.

Just place some around your taxidermy. 

These will last for years, just sand them to refresh them with sand paper. Sold in packs of 4

Price £2.50 plus postage