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Adrian Johnstone Taxidermist


Adrian Johnstone began his hobby of taxidermy when he was quite young, around the age of ten or eleven. He first used a book from Darlington library called 'Step by Step Taxidermy' to learn the basics. Many of his early subjects were small birds which were found by the roadside whilst out cycling on a weekend, mostly victims of road traffic. When he was eighteen Adrian moved to Harrogate in North Yorkshire to become a full time taxidermist, he did a three year apprenticeship with a company called Starbek Taxidermy, previously known as The World of Nature from Kirby Fleetham. Later he moved back to Darlington and opened up a workshop in 1984 where he prepared and sold taxidermy, and then later a shop on High Northgate from June 1986 until December 2007.

We still use many of the traditional ways in taxidermy. We use woodwool for making the mannequins, glass eyes for a real life effect, and natural poses for every animal and bird we work on.

We are a small friendly business, well known, and with extremely professional results in our work